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Introducing Tegan

by Ellen Wundersitz, June 2018

They say word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Maybe so. But it’s almost certainly the best form of recruitment for us. Some of our best leads come to us through staff members. Take Tegan, for example. As a family friend of long-term team member, Jalen Kowalick, Tegan heard good things about us (well done, that man) and when she was looking for work, gave us a call.

Two things immediately impressed us about Tegan. First, she presented herself so smartly. We were soon to discover why: she’s a fully qualified makeup artist, still practising her art on weekends and in her spare time. But, second, when we interviewed her, Tegan told us she wasn’t looking for a job; she was looking to build a career. And, unlike the ones who turn up and want to start running the joint, this bubbly young lady has shown us she’s prepared to do the hard yards by starting at the bottom and sinking her teeth into any challenge we throw her way.

Then again, country girls do have that can-do attitude. And as a local from Murray Bridge, she certainly qualifies in that regard and has fit right in with our team. (Mind you, it helps that she knew Jalen.) In fact, she’s already joined in the good-natured ribbing that entertains our happy band and gives as good as she gets. Sometimes, this reflects in the ‘latte art’ that adorns the coffees she makes and puts a chuckle into every ‘cino.

Whilst Tegan is only part-time at the time of writing, she’s already proving her worth by tackling the bookkeeping, answering phones and launching into project-related tasks, all of which we hope will free Jalen up to do more CAD drawing, Nathan to do more designing and Ellen to do more marketing and strategic planning. What more could you ask for? Little wonder, as a result, we’ve all come down with Hay fever.

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