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Big doors swing on little hinges.

by Ellen Wundersitz, April 2021

Our new HQ is nearing the finish line. With the inside first fix almost complete, attention is moving to the external finishing touches, and it’s looking fab.

As you’d expect, it’s not all been smooth sailing. Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

So as learning curves go, this one has been a biggie. However, the process has been invaluable for me personally, to better understand the logistics of how build projects run, as well as being able to genuinely empathise with our clients, who are undertaking their own builds.

The experience has also reinforced, just how crucial it is, to have a team of partners and suppliers who can provide the advice and direction required. You really want to be able to ask the hard questions and get a dead straight answer, bearing in mind that sometimes the proposed solution won’t be exactly what you had in mind.  But that’s ok, because the process of building is an organic one, that requires finessing and tweaking along the way.

Despite the challenges, we are stoked with how quickly the inside is coming together, how well our tradies are working together and how gorgeous the finishes are. Most importantly, we are all getting very excited about the move, that is finally imminent.

W. Clement Stone so aptly states that “Big doors swing on little hinges”, and we can’t wait for the big changes afoot, that have come off the back of a multitude of little decisions!



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