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Budget ballparks + materiality

by Ellen Wundersitz, April 2019

Just like the kitchens we build, SpaceCraft isn’t run-of-the-mill. But please don’t read that as being up ourselves, to use the vernacular. We commit our inspiration and perspiration to delivering totally one-off kitchen designs using cutting-edge concepts and technology with old-school SpaceCraftsmanship and attentive service.  Some people value that. Some people don’t. That’s cool.

So, why would you not choose us? There are two main reasons: we don’t fit your style or we don’t fit your budget. Some people look at some of our kitchens and think we’re from another planet. (Well, our name is SpaceCraft…)

So, let’s be honest: if you like what you find with the big players in our industry, go for it. You’ll probably save money through their mass-production techniques. And that’s the other reason you might not choose us: typically, our projects start with a budget of around $25K – $30K. So, even for some families who love what we do, we may be a little out of reach.

Unfortunately, handmade quality does come at a price. Then again, it also lasts longer than mass-produced, so in the long run it may be best to follow the sage advice to buy well and buy once. Especially if this is your ‘forever’ home, rather than just a fluff-and-flip project.

Ten reasons to choose us:

  • Because you want something unique, in the true sense of the word.
  • Because you’re not afraid to express your own style.
  • Because you believe in form and function.
  • Because your vision is quirky, brave, eclectic or eccentric.
  • Because you’re bored with every colour, texture or tone you’ve seen to date.
  • Because you don’t know what you want but you’ve seen what you don’t want.
  • Because you’re the kind of person who truly appreciates something made by hand.
  • Because you’ve got a tricky space that’s too small, badly positioned, inefficient or just too damned hard.
  • Because you agree with our family that caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Because no-one else quite gets your retro/ shaker/ provincial/ mid-century or (insert style here) dream.

On top of that, there’s one more reason: confidence. That’s because we cost and quote your joinery to include every single element we propose. Meaning there’ll be no unpleasant surprises and you’ll know exactly what you’re up for, unless you change your mind along the way or something completely left-field crops up.

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