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Design Knowledge

by Ellen Wundersitz, April 2019

We know what it takes to make a kitchen that works. But we don’t know what it takes to make one that works for you… yet. That’s why our first consultation is so important.

To get the most out of our time with you, we’ll send you a questionnaire in advance that covers all the things we’d want to discuss. We know some people hate filling these in, so even if you don’t, it’s certainly worth reading so you can contemplate your answers. Of course, if you do fill it in and send it back prior, we can swot up beforehand and save some time.

If you’re renovating, this first meeting should be on site to survey the space, see how you live and understand any issues. Again, if we know in advance what you have in mind, we can bring along selected samples of the stone and timber finishes, door styles and profiles, and laminate swatches, as well as hardware and handle catalogues. If you’re building from scratch, however, it’s best to bring your architectural plans into our showroom and see all our reference material.

At this first meeting, we’ll discuss such ingredients as:

  • your space and the best way to use it;
  • your family and how you all currently relate to this space;
  • your style, your personal tastes, and preferred materials;
  • your problems (for example, whether we need to knock out walls, re-jig rooms or move windows);
  • your appliances, collections or other artefacts to be considered;
  • your timing; and, of course,
  • your budget.

Once we’ve met, the next step is to confirm we’re on the same page. We do this by sending you a formalised briefing document based on our meeting notes and your questionnaire answers. This becomes our bible. It will articulate your lifestyle needs, design preference, functional aspects and materials, as well as confirming what needs to be included in your budget and (just as importantly) what’s not. Our design work only commences after you’ve signed off this brief.

That also means, of course, that if we present concepts based on what it contains and you then want to make changes that deviate from it, any new design work will be billed at our hourly rate. Just so you know.


Back in the studio, it’s time to draw breath and then – quite literally – draw on our experience. From those initial rough sketches, we’ll hone and develop a layout (or options) in our CAD program that answers your needs and tastes, and solves the problems. For us, this is the most creative part of the job and, as such, the most exhilarating. If it’s a particularly tricky situation we’re trying to solve, we may have a couple of solutions and we may need you to come back into our studio to look over our layouts and agree on a preferred direction.


In most cases, we’ll have a good idea of what you want from all the homework we’ve done up front, and we’ll present our design concept/s along with our quote. It’s an exciting moment for you and us, and we love being able to reflect your character in our work rather than our egos. That’s not to say you can’t have any further input. If you do want to tweak the design or the costing, we’ll revise things accordingly.

The best place to present these concepts is in our showroom at Strathalbyn because we can pull out samples of products, hardware, fixtures and fittings while we’re talking.


When you are happy with the concepts and the quote, and you decide to proceed, it’s time to lock in the job with a deposit. This is payable either by cash, cheque or direct debit. On receipt of this money, your job immediately goes onto our schedule. Also, once a deposit has been paid, we will release all design concepts. That way you’ll be able to take the concepts with you when you start to shop for tiles, taps and sinks etc.


With your deposit in hand, we’ll then have another meeting in our showroom to settle on all the materials and selections you’d prefer. Once you approve the selections list, we can then start ordering. Of course, you can change your mind if you have second thoughts. But you have to understand that once the order is committed with suppliers, the walls are knocked down or the holes have been cut, any change of heart will change the cost. At this stage, we’ll also need to know the specifications of any new appliances or other items you’re supplying.

It’s a big call, so call us

Changing the hub of your home and trusting someone to get it right are two big calls. So phone Ellen on 8536 4680 for a chat, or email to suss out whether we might be the right fit for you and your project.

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