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Eco Ethos

by Ellen Wundersitz, September 2021

We are serious about sustainability here at SpaceCraft. Whilst we no longer have chooks consuming our kitchen waste at the new workshop (they have been relocated to join our chook at home), we have implemented a suite of new measures to take our eco ethos to the next level.

We are powering our new premises and reducing our carbon emissions via a 71kW array of solar. That’s seven times the solar capacity of our previous premises and will power our manufacturing and office capacity even on the cloudiest of days. Over the lifetime of the system, we will have averted 111 tons of CO2 from being emitted, which is the equivalent of planting 21,124 trees, or avoiding 3,285,720kms of driving or 2,352 long haul flights!

Whilst we are still driving cars powered by internal combustion engines, we have prepared for the inevitable uptake of electrified vehicles, by installing an EvBox Smart Charge station.

So if you are an electric vehicle owner, or considering becoming one, you can now take a leisurely drive to Strathalbyn, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to charge your car, free of charge, whilst you visit SpaceCraft for your design consult or presentation.

Even our landscaping has been designed with the environment in mind. Native trees and shrubs have been sourced from State Flora to attract wildlife and bees.  The plants for our Palm Springs style succulent and cacti garden, (sourced from Hillside Herbs) at the entrance of our studio and showroom require little to no additional watering.

In addition to the fire tanks at the rear of the property, we have also installed supplementary tanks, to collect the large volume of roof runoff, so our facility is predominantly supplied by rainwater.

The last piece to our sustainability puzzle will be to roll out the wood waste recycling initiative, reDirect, which is a waste sorting initiative instigated by our major board supplier, Polytec.

The reDirect Wood Recovery Initiative has been designed to service Polytec customers who are buying raw and melamine coated particleboard products. reDirect Wood Recycling will reclaim materials that would otherwise go to landfill, thereby reducing waste, preserving plantation pine forests and protecting the environment for future generations. The manufacturing of particleboard utilises recycled wood and off cuts in the production of new particleboard. By opting for wood off cut collection through reDirect Recycling we will be adding to our sustainable manufacturing practices.

This program is currently being piloted interstate, but we can’t wait to implement the program here.

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