Frequently Asked Questions | Kitchen Renovation | SpaceCraft Joinery


Frequently Asked Questions | Kitchen Renovation | SpaceCraft Joinery

How early on in my planning process should I start talking joinery?

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The best time to get the ball rolling is either when your project is in the planning stages or just underway, or you’ve at least confirmed with your lender how much you really have to spend.

Whilst some can be coy about putting a figure on the table, sharing your true budget limitations from the outset sure cuts out a lot of wasted time, effort and double-talk.

For a new build, once your plans have been drawn up, we can get started working on the design.

For a reno, if your kitchen is going into an existing space and no structural modifications are required, we can get started straight away. If you are planning on reworking a space (removing walls etc) then we will need to get a builder out to confirm the viability of any proposed structural modifications. We can refer a builder to you directly if you don’t have one in mind.

What’s included in the design fee?

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For the initial stages of the design process, the fee incorporates:

• a one on one consultation in your home with a one of our designers (NB: for new builds, we undertake the initial consult in our studio using your builders, drafters or architects floor plans)

• a needs analysis based on your functional, lifestyle, and material preferences as well as your desired design aesthetic;

• space measurement;

• preparation of a return brief to confirm the proposed design direction, for your approval, before we commence conceptual development; and then

• conceptual development of your proposed design solution.

Then when it comes time to present our proposed design solution, the fee also incorporates:

• presentation of concepts on screen using 3D technology (including a digital walk through);

• preparation of a thorough and detailed quote for manufacture and install;

• advice with materiality and colour selection;

• supply of material and colour samples to touch and feel (colour samples can be taken away);

• supply of a digital flatlay/mood board to show how the elements of the proposed design solution knit together; as well as

• one round of design alterations and related quote amendment (deviations from agreed design brief not included).

So contact Karen for a chat to find out what the design fee for your specific project would be.

How long will the design process take?

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The design process can take between 4 and 6 weeks from initial consult to finalising selections. The tighter the design brief, the quicker the process, so it pays to be clear about what you are after and what your budget is.

I have a very limited budget for my kitchen, but I want to use SpaceCraft. Will you still work with me?

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Typically, our projects start with a budget of around $30K – $35K. So, even for some people who love what we do, we may be a little out of reach.

However we have designed some gorgeous spaces for clients with tight budgets, as evidenced by Ruth and Simon’s kitchen as well as Olivia and Nathan’s kitchen. But ultimately, these clients were realistic about how far their budget would stretch and were prepared to be open minded about their material selections. For example, by choosing laminate tops instead of stone.

Unfortunately, handmade quality does come at a price. Then again, it also lasts longer than mass-produced, so in the long run it may be best to follow the sage advice to buy well and buy once. Especially if this is your ‘forever’ home, rather than just a fluff-and-flip project.

Do the budgets on your project pages include trades and appliances?

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The indicative budget as shown on each project page includes all joinery, hardware and tops (including stone), but the cost of the appliances and trades are not included, since these costs can be hugely variable depending on the extent of work to be undertaken and the brand of appliances you choose.

Do you do refacing of old or existing kitchens?

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SpaceCraft specialise in the design and build of new custom joinery and so no sorry, we don’t do refacing or modifications to old or existing kitchens.

Do you make joinery other than kitchens?

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Yes, in short we can design and build joinery for any room in your home. However because we want to keep our talented team small and nimble, we have limited production capacity, so generally don’t take on smaller jobs such as a vanity or robe unless they’re coupled with a kitchen or another larger room.

During the install phase, how long will I be without a kitchen and other services?

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If we are removing your old kitchen, we’ll do this a few days before install (ie if we are commencing install on a Monday or Tuesday we’ll try to schedule removal on a Friday.

If your kitchen is a melamine kitchen with laminate or timber tops, the time between removal of your old kitchen and installation of your new one will be roughly between three and five days.

However, if you have opted to go with stone tops, then once the joinery install is complete, the stone fabricators will need to come on site to undertake a check measure. Then it’s a minimum wait of 3-4 weeks before stone is installed, after which your plumbing and electrical can be connected.

Please note that if you plan to renovate closer to Christmas; waiting times for stone can sometimes blow out to 5-6 weeks after measure, depending on demand.

Please also bear in mind that at this time of year, that the stone fabricators have a cut off date (usually around the end of October) for final measures, so if your joinery is not in before then, they won’t guarantee installation of stone pre Christmas. So plan ahead and if in doubt, call us to discuss timing options.

With respect to services; the plumber will turn the water off on the morning of the kitchen removal. Then the pipes can be capped, prior to the water being turned back on again later that day.

The electrician will do much the same thing, ie turn the power off before the kitchen is removed. Then once the kitchen is out, the exposed power cables and points can be capped off prior to the power being turned back on, later that day.

So you will be without power and water for a few hours. The only extension to this would be if the electrician or plumber need to run any new lines, which would usually occur the same day as the disconnect.

Do you quote or manufacture joinery designed by other designers or external providers?

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Our experience is that we get the best outcome for our clients by being involved in the design process right from the start. Additionally, there are intricacies with respect to the design and manufacture of highly detailed cabinetry that even the most experienced architect or interior designer may not have thought through.

So we no longer engage in quoting or tendering for externally designed work.

However if you have worked with a builder, an architect or draftsperson to come up with an external house design and/or floorplans and require the expertise of a specialist kitchen or joinery designer to bring the interior to fruition, then we’d be keen to chat to you about what your project entails. Give us a call.


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