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Jack of all trades, or master of one?

by Ellen Wundersitz, April 2019

The decision on which tradespeople to engage is entirely up to you. Often clients have trades they have worked with previously and want to engage them again, because they feel confident about their ability and trust them to get the job done.

Alternatively, if you don’t have trade contacts at your disposal, then we can help. We work with a team of highly experienced and qualified tradespeople we will happily refer to you, including plumbers, electricians, tilers, glaziers, stonemasons and builders (for big and small projects).

Just remember that even if you choose us to initially coordinate your trades, it will be up to you to negotiate dates with your respective tradesperson. We will initially advise tentatively planned dates for removal/first fix and post install/second fix, but it will be up to you to confirm actual timing with the tradesperson directly.

The trades we refer will make contact with you directly, to set up an appointment. At that appointment you can discuss the project we have briefed them on (we supply each trade the construction documentation to refer to) as well as any other work you may need done.

Some tradespeople prefer to work on a charge up basis (hourly rate), whilst others are prepared to quote for work in advance. This is up to you to negotiate when they come out to see you. However regardless of what you request, the tradesperson will quote and/or invoice you directly. Because we are referring them to you, there is no margin, mark-up or kick back associated with their fees. 

Regardless of whether you have your own trades, or we refer them to you, here are a few things to think about:

  • Unless you instruct us otherwise, we assume you are coordinating your own trades. Arrangements contrary to this must be made well in advance.
  • If the project is a renovation of an existing space, consider who will be removing your old joinery? Would you like us to coordinate that or will you or your builder arrange for removal instead?
  • The electrical and plumbing in your old kitchen/renovation space will need to be disconnected on the morning of removal/demolition day.
  • First fix plumbing and electrical can be undertaken once old joinery has been removed.
  • In order for us to get accurate measurements at the final check measure (before we begin drawing final construction documentation), first fix plumbing and electrical must be complete (for new builds, framework must be also be complete). So if you are using your own trades, please ensure this work is complete prior to the check measure date.  If there is a delay on your end, please communicate this so we can reschedule the check measure.
  • If you are having stone tops (which have a 12 – 15 working day lead time after joinery install then measure) then second fix plumbing (sink and tap installation) generally occurs after stone is installed.
  • Your electrician will need to return to site after tiling/splashback installation is complete to finalise installation of power points and the isolation switch for electrical appliances.

If this all sounds a bit daunting and you’d like to talk about the different options, give Ellen a call for a chat.


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