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Laundries to Love

by Ellen Wundersitz, February 2020

Laundries often get a bad rap. To start with, most of us don’t like spending an inordinate amount of time in them. But when you add to the drag of the actual job of washing, hanging, sorting, and folding with an unorganised or unappealing space, the task just seems that much greater.

From a design perspective, there’s usually a lot that needs to fit in a laundry, so careful planning and consideration of functional requirements is paramount. Once you accommodate a washing machine, dryer, hanging rail, pull out wire ware washing hamper and ironing board, broom and mop storage, there’s not much space left for general laundry storage.

But you can get clever! Don’t underestimate the benefit of overhead storage for infrequently used items, but more importantly, incorporation of a cute shelf detail in your laundry can provide the perfect spot for storage of oft used items, such as pegs, laundry detergent and maybe a plant or two.

Another great idea is the incorporation of an integrated [drawer style] pull out ironing board. If you, like me, don’t do a lot of ironing, this can be a great solution and save the exasperation of having to drag out an iron, ironing board etc for just the one shirt.

The other way to ensure its a space you don’t mind being in is to keep it light and bright. If there’s no window to gaze out, then consider a skylight.  Your plants will love you for it.

Finally, laundries can be multi-purpose. Think mud-room, particularly if your laundry is near the entry to your home or add an extra shower or loo for the kids!!!

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