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Navigating the hidden costs of renovating.

by Karen Costa, September 2023

When embarking on your kitchen renovation journey, the initial thrill of selecting new materials and features can be captivating. Yet, it’s vital to recognise that these choices will shape your living space for years. Hence, investing a bit more in high-quality products is a wise move for long-lasting satisfaction. Adding a contingency to your budget is also essential, safeguarding against unforeseen expenses and keeping your project on course.

Open communication with your designer is paramount, especially regarding your budget from the outset. This ensures cost surprises are avoided and the project remains within your financial boundaries.

Here are key factors to consider when crafting your renovation budget:

Prioritise Essentials: While you may start with a basic budget, allocate room for non-negotiable items.

Needs vs. Wants: List your renovation priorities, and be flexible to adjust your budget for desired upgrades, such as switching from laminate to stone tops.

Plumbing and Electrical: On a tight budget? Leave plumbing and electrical points in place, as relocating them can be costly.

Structural Changes: Consult a structural engineer if contemplating removing or relocating load-bearing walls, weighing the cost implications carefully.

Demolition & Removal Costs: Account for the expense of removing existing joinery and appliances. Coordinate plans with your designer to incorporate this cost. Or put a bit of cash back into the kitty, by selling your old kitchen and appliances on Marketplace or Gumtree.

Finishing Touches: Don’t overlook additional finishing expenses like painting and tiling.

Enjoy the Journey: Renovations can be labor-intensive, but remember to relish the process and celebrate your progress.

Hidden Expenses: To prepare for potential hidden costs, download our renovation planner PDF here for valuable insights.

Your kitchen serves as the heart of your home, so ensure it reflects your vision for years to come.

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