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Bathing Bliss

Yes, we can make beautiful bathrooms as well as cleverly crafted kitchens.

Price guide*: $35K - $40K


Carcase/Internals: 16mm white Melamine high moisture resistant interiors/shelving by Polytec   Door/Panel/Kicker: Blackwood veneer panels + door by Veneer Panels   Overhead Doors: Mirror faced doors by Federation Glass   Top: Rem Dekton Top from Cosentino, fabricated by Ideal Stone    Tapware: Sola Shower Head + Eden Shower Arm in Brushed Gunmetal by Abi    Tapware: Milani Hob Mixer set + Assembly Taps + Spout Set in Brushed Gunmetal by Abi   Basin: Blush pink concrete basin by Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens   Toilet: Elvire Cleanflush Wall Faced Invisi Series by Caroma Bath: Luna Island Bath 1525mm by Caroma   Other: Elvire Invisi Series II Round Dual Flush Plate & Buttons Tasmanian Blackwood by Caroma   Wall Tile: Quintessenza Pigmento 6×37 Beige by Cerbis Ceramics and Feature Tile: Austin Sage Craq Penny 19mm 275x275mm by Cerbis Ceramics    Floor Tile: Terrazzo EV 2074 400x400x15 Honed by Cerbis Ceramics   Shower Screen: Narrow Reeded toughened glass shower screen by Federation Glass    Lighting: About Space Cambio Shade 2.0 Pendant Lights in Green from About Space    Lighting: LED overhead strip lighting by Hettich from FHS   Lighting: LED extraction fan in bathroom by Fantech

*Price guide includes: cabinetry and tops. Exclusions: appliances, tiling, electrical and plumbing.

The Brief

...prevent dust from collecting, a ledge to pop a cuppa on and see if you can stop the loo from being the focal point...

Our Managing Director Ellen Wundersitz is a firm believer that good things come in small packages. She’s living proof of it! Yet the bath at her place was too small even for her liking.

So, when her husband Nathan (our Design Director) finally set aside time to renovate this final room in their house, a bigger bath was top of the list.

As an aside, it’s true, Spacecraft’s specialty is kitchens. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create a beautiful bathroom too. In fact, we’re often asked to design or make a custom vanity and we’re happy to do this when in conjunction with another room such as the kitchen or laundry.

A full bathroom design isn’t out of the question either, there are just some particulars to iron out regarding the design fee. Give us a call to find out more.

But back to Ellen and Nathan’s new bathroom… They’ve lived in their 1920s bungalow since 2010 and it looks vastly different from when they first moved in. The bathroom, with its 70s brown tile, upside-down wallpaper, and impractical layout, desperately needed to catch up.

Ellen had a few suggestions for Nathan on top of the bath size. Design something that prevents dust from collecting. Make me a ledge to pop a cuppa or glass of wine when having a soak. And see if you can stop the loo from being the first thing you see on entry – it’s neither private nor inviting.

Both envisioned a space that embraced modern design while staying true to the bungalow’s charm.

Design Resolution

...the bath is the room's focal point, instantly making the space feel more inviting and private...

Nathan, with his keen eye for design, devised a brilliant solution to both the problematic bath size and the location of the loo. He reoriented the bath to sit gracefully under the window, flanked by a cleverly positioned toilet.

This strategic arrangement ensures that the bath is the room’s focal point, instantly making the space feel more inviting and private. The new recessed toilet has a concealed cistern adding to the room’s clean and streamlined appearance.

To cater for Elle’s soak-time beverage requirements, he opted for a framed-in bath that provides the perfect ledge. Better still, there’s nowhere beneath for dust to settle. The neutral palette of bone tiles, laid vertically, is complemented by a spearmint penny round feature wall. Together they set the perfect backdrop for the room’s relaxing ambience and are complemented perfectly by cute green pendant lights.

As always, every design choice was made with purpose and consideration. There’s a custom-made timber towel rail and a wood veneer vanity that includes a charming nude pink concrete basin (from Adelaide Outdoors). The fluted glass shower door, mirroring the curves of the vanity, adds a touch of elegance. While the brushed gunmetal ABI tapware adds a dash of sophistication and modernity.

Of course, no bathroom is complete without proper lighting and storage. This one has mirrored overheads with ample storage at face height, LED strip lighting under the cabinets which brings a warm and welcoming glow, and a pull-out magnifying mirror for practical purposes.

Ellen and Nathan opted for terrazzo floor tiles in muted tones from Cebris, which add a touch of luxury and timelessness to the space – not to mention durability. Bathrooms can get busy!

And given how well Nathan nailed Ellen’s brief, this one’s going to be busy a lot.

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