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Alison in Bowden

Alison missed her old SpaceCraft kitchen so much, she came back for a second helping.

Price guide*: $70K - $75K

Specifications 2023

Awards: HIA South Australian Renovated Kitchen $65,000 - $85,000

Carcase/Internals: Melamine high moisture resistant interiors/shelving in Polytec (BORG)White 16mm   Door/Drawer/Panel/Kicker: 2pac satin painted doors, drawer fronts & panels to ceiling in Dulux Vivid White by Redwood, Fixed panels to conceal existing Gyprock Bulkhead, Veneer surrounds with 21mm timber edging in Blackwood 34mm supplied by Veneer Panels, Veneer doors to TV nook – push to open in Blackwood supplied by Veneer Panels, Access door to back of island for internal wine storage, Access door through to master bedroom   Feature: Solid timber edging to benchtops in Blackwood supplied by Wood ‘n’ Doors and Solid timber ribbing to areas as per drawings with Satin Clear Finish   Drawer Hardware: BLUM Legrabox soft close inner drawer in White supplied by FHS and Blum Legrabox soft close drawers and BLUM Intivo Blumotion soft close corner drawers   Drawer Hardware: BLUM Soft close drawers below sink, shaped around plumbing and BLUM Legrabox inner drawers – to pantry & store cabinet   Handles: LO & CO Carlisle pulls in White 76mm Top: Solid Blackwood L-shape tops to TV section supplied by Wood ‘n’ Doors and Dekton Top – Kovik Cosentino 944/I110204 fabricated by Ideal Stone    Handles: Hira Blackwood timber handles to tall doors and integrated fridge supplied by Auburn   Handles: LO & CO Curve pulls – to centre island 400mm LO & CO   Waste Management: 4 Bin liner – door mounted with soft close by Wesco WBPB6072 72L (2x 26L 2x 10L) supplied by Wilson & Bradley   Cutlery Inserts: Stainless Steel by FHS   Oven: 60cm AEG SenseCook Multifunction Oven in Matte Black BPK74378PT H594 W595 D567 supplied by Spartan   Oven: 45cm AEG SteamPro Oven KSK792220M H455-460 W594-600 D570 supplied by Spartan   Cooktop: ASKO 5 Burner Gas Cooktop Anthracite HG1776AD W750 H48 D526 supplied by Spartan   Rangehood: Sirius 850m Onboard Undermount with Smart-Switch SL926-DL 850 W850 D290 H350 supplied by Spartan   Dishwasher: Siemens iQ700 Fully Integrated Dishwasher 60cm XXL SX87HX01DA H865 W598 D550 supplied by Spartan   Fridge: Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart Fridge 900mm French Door RS90A1 H1798 W896 D606 supplied by Spartan Sink: Schock Soho Magma Single Large Bowl Sink no tap hole Shelving: Blackwood Veneer open shelving to TV return supplied by Veneer Panels   Tapware: KALI Alder Kali Sink Mixer Gooseneck – Matte Black 49500  Splashback: Artisan Tiled – Poco Black H05G9-071   Lighting: South Drawn U Fold Pendant Light with White Cord- Dimmable Rough White L2160mm   Lighting: Hettich LED strip lighting to underside of overheads supplied by FHS Other: WFA Hiflow Inline Water Filter System

*Price guide includes: cabinetry and tops. Exclusions: appliances, tiling, electrical and plumbing.

The Brief

...Naturally, you’re always thrilled when a client recommends you to someone else. But surely nothing beats the feeling when they come back themselves....

Naturally, you’re always thrilled when a client recommends you to someone else. But surely nothing beats the feeling when they come back themselves. Take Alison, for example. In 2016, we helped her sort out the rabbit warren she inherited in her McLaren Vale home and turned it into Alison’s wonderland. (For that story, click here.) Imagine our delight, then, when she turned up again in 2021, having moved back into town and an apartment in Bowden. Now imagine the look on our installers’ faces when we told them the whole fit-out would have to go up in a lift…

It was like ‘old-home week’ when we saw Alison again. Except, since we’d last seen this delightful client, she’d shed herself of the heavy-duty administrative role she held in one of Adelaide’s largest hospitals, and settled into the hard-earned easy life of retirement. Now with more time on her hands, she decided to move back into town and close to the action for theatre, movies, walks in the park and dinner with friends without all of the driving.

When Nathan sat down and caught up with her to build a brief, he instantly recalled what he loved about working with her. This is someone who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to go out and get it. The newish apartment that she moved into felt quite cramped (especially compared to her lovely home in McLaren Vale) despite having three bedrooms.

So, Nathan’s mission was to make her feel at home once more with a SpaceCrafted interior (with the emphasis on space) and lots more light. The project took in the kitchen, the robe in her master bedroom, the entrance joinery, laundry and a guest robe. And as part of that, she was intent on opening up the third bedroom to liberate more living space.

Now, for some people (and real estate agents) that would seem a risky thing to do: one less “room” to sell. But if, like Alison, you know exactly what you want and what you are doing, which – after all – is for yourself and no-one else, why not? It’s your home. Make it fit your needs, not some future ‘buyer’. Besides which, the extra space was going to make this apartment excitingly unique within its precinct.

Alison’s brief was to embrace the mid-century modern vibe and bend that a little towards the industrial end of the spectrum. Whilst that might fit with the current zeitgeist, that’s not what drove Alison. As a longstanding fan of mid-century furniture and decorator pieces, the rest of the world has simply caught up with where this cool collector already was.

Being a devoted cook and entertainer, Alison loved the kitchen we built for her in McLaren Vale. So, despite the fact that her new one in Bowden was only about three years’ old, it just wasn’t cutting it. What she wanted was clean lines; drawers for storage, with some larger ones to house her cake tins and pans; and to integrate the fridge. The colours she wanted to keep neutral, but offset by some feature-timber warmth.

The only real head-scratchers Nathan had to contend with were, first, the adjoining space that was the third bedroom, which she wanted to use as a personal snug for TV viewing and reading. How could he make that work smoothly once the wall was removed? The other problem was the master bedroom, which opens off the kitchen: could he conceal this somehow?

Oh, and just one more thing: the only access to the apartment was up a lift. So our installation would have to be broken down into components that would fit in it, leaving a Lego-like puzzle for our team to shoehorn in and put together without damaging the new joinery, the lift, the apartment or themselves. Nobody said this job was easy.

Our Design Resolution

...It’s all about the subtle detail in this sleek, svelte, pared-back pad for this mid-century modernista....

The result is classic Nathan, classic SpaceCraft and, now, classic Alison. We can’t wait to see what we build for her in her next home… (Only kidding, Alison. Who needs another move?)

Last time in McLaren Vale, Nathan sorted out a rabbit warren interior to give it utility and flow. This time in Bowden, he’s worked his magic to make things disappear. It’s all about the subtle detail in this sleek, svelte, pared-back pad for this mid-century modernista.

Let’s start with the wall to the third bedroom: gone. In its place, a new world of space and light. By extending the kitchen along the common wall, it now links up with a TV unit/credenza using blackwood timber as the unifying common element throughout. And that’s no coincidence: Alison’s furniture also features this warm, classic mid-century wood.

The genius of this design is that one of the doors in this extended ‘pantry’ wall is now the secret door to her bedroom. You’d never know. First problem solved. Another problem this wall disguises is all the service pipes and infrastructure, which were previously hidden by bulkheads. By extending the cabinet finishes to the ceiling, it’s all clean and unseen, and adds height to the space.

The matt black Artisan Poco splashback tiles on this wall almost deserve their own chapter, introducing a level of sub-zero cool only matched (and echoed) by the ever-so-slightly arched blackwood timber door handles.

The back of the island bench in the kitchen makes its own statement in beautiful blackwood, with its ribbing adding the extra texture that takes it to another level. But, again, there’s more magic here: doors on this side of the island hide Alison’s wine cache. Atop the island are natural stone benchtops in Dekton’s Kovik design, chosen for both their durability and earthy feel.

The last – and-perhaps, most amazing – magic trick we managed to pull off was actually getting all this up the lift in this multi-storey building as components, and completing it without compromise. Have you ever seen those sailing ships that were built inside bottles? That’s a little how it felt at the time. All credit goes to our Dream Team of installers. And, of course, Alison who inspired us a second time.

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