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Sandra Damian

Sandra and Damian’s kitchen turned a laundry lean-to into a heavenly hang-out.

Price guide*: $40K - $45K


Doors: 2 pac painted doors in Polytec Moss Grey by  Redwood Furniture Polishing
Feature timber overhead doors and island panel & reading nook: Marri timber in a horizontal grain polished 30% satin by Wood ‘n’ Doors  Benchtop: Caesarstone 20mm Raw Concrete by Ideal Stone
Drawer Runners: Blumotion Intivo Soft Close by Blum  Splashback: Tiles – Ceramic C07-Matt Anthracite 100×300 wall tiles by Eco Tile Factory (imported)  Handles & Knobs: 1161395 and 1161396 brushed stainless handles by Hettich  Internal Hardware: Wingline Door System by Hettich, Aventos HL Door Lift (Concealed Microwave) by Blum, Intivo—Inner drawers to pantry in Silk White by Blum, 60L Door mounted soft close, pull out bin WBPB6060by Wilson & Bradley  Lighting: Pendant in Black—Circa Ring—Lumen dimmable pendant by LEDLux  Floor: Uptown Grey tiles 600 x 600 mm by International Ceramics  Sink: Undermount SN1063U by Oliveri  Tap: 3-way Faucet (3491) in Chrome by The Water Shop, Fullarton Road Parkside  Electric Hotplate:  EH1645BA by Electrolux  Gas Hotplate: EHG313BA by Electrolux  Oven: EVEP626BB by Electrolux  Rangehood: Concealed rangehood by ASKO  Dishwasher: ASKO D31528 freestanding by ASKO  Refrigerator/Freezer: 2 door SRS628HNSS by Samsung  Bar Stools: Coleman Counter stool by Concept Collections

*Price guide includes: cabinetry, tops and splash backs. Exclusions: appliances, electrical, and plumbing

The Challenge

...Like many a bungalow from the 1920s, the lean-to extension that was added many years ago, was typically used for a laundry or sleep-out...

As a professional ‘kitchen whisperer’ and amateur psychologist, Nathan Wundersitz has developed something of a sixth sense for figuring out pretty rapidly how to conjure a kitchen that will fulfill his clients’ desires, even when they’ve convinced themselves to compromise. The key to it is not only to have the vision, but to be able to share it in a way that is totally persuasive as well as totally sincere. Here, then, is how he convinced Sandra and Damian to get the best bang for their bucks, a stylish solution with brilliant ergonomics and quality materials in a way they originally decided they wouldn’t go.

Like many a bungalow from the 1920s, Sandra and Damian’s home, where they live with their daughter, Olivia, had been extended with a lean-to many years ago, typically used for a laundry or sleep-out. When they moved in four years ago, the kitchen had already been moved to this logical location but it desperately needed someone’s re-imagination. The problem was the structure. They certainly didn’t have the appetite – nor the budget – to be pulling down walls in a hurry and, like opening Pandora’s box, where does it end?

After considering the conundrum for some time, they resolved to use the structure the way it was and work around it. That’s when they called SpaceCraft. And Nathan suggested changing the walls. At this point, the meeting could have gone one of two ways. But with his natural enthusiasm and genuine concern for making their budget work, they heard him out and decided to change both their minds and the structure.

When Michael Davidson from Sandy Feet Constructions inspected the property, he could see a way to take out the problematic wall without completely demolishing the back of the home. The job was on. As for the kitchen itself, Sandra and Damian simply wanted something modern and open-plan, although they were especially keen on featuring some timber.

Our Solution effortlessly modern kitchen with a clean-lined simplicity and a neutral colour palette warmed by the use of gorgeous marri timber on the overhead cupboards and island bench...

Nathan was happy to take the ‘blame’ for the messy re-roofing process his idea had necessitated. But Sandra and Damian kept their sense of humour throughout and were delighted with the resulting space for the kitchen and living/dining. Phew!

The kitchen itself was designed to be effortlessly modern with a clean-lined simplicity and a neutral colour palette warmed by the use of gorgeous marri timber on the overhead cupboards and island bench. This richly charactered native timber is fast becoming one of Nathan’s favourites, especially with the grain running horizontally, instead of vertically as you’d normally expect. To add a little depth to the scene, Sandra chose some dramatic charcoal tiles that emphatically complete the picture.

The raw concrete Caeserstone benchtop has now become the centre of daily operations, although the window reading nook (also in marri) is a place that attracts all three human occupants along with their huggable dog, Moe, and cat, Stella. Just as well there’s lots of space.

So, how did it work out? Let’s hear what Sandra herself thinks: “As ‘kitchen people’, having this new space means we’re there more often. Our family and friends love it. ‘Wow!’ is usually the first impression. Guests happily sit at the centre island while we make tea or coffee or share a drink before dinner. As Damian and I both enjoy cooking, our ‘kitchen dance’ has become so much easier as the activity flow has been really well thought out in the design. We love the clean lines: everything can be tucked away and the decks cleared at the end of each day. There is a place for everything!”

“The sun streams through the windows in the morning,” she reports, “so our weekend breakfasts are taken leisurely at the window nook while we read the papers and watch the birds flit around the garden. We sometimes work there as well on the laptop. At night, one of us will cook while the other unpacks the shopping or the dishwasher, and we catch up on the day’s events. It really has become the hub of our home.”

All of which proves two things: first, it’s always a good idea to get an objective opinion from someone you trust and isn’t afraid to speak their mind. Secondly, finding the will to change your mind is a sign of strength, not weakness. And you won’t find two stronger – or happier – people than Sandra and Damian.

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