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Gina Fotios

For Fotios and Gina, ‘Give us space’ wasn’t a demand for solitude. They wanted a bigger kitchen that was welcoming too.

Price guide*: $50K - $60K


Carcase/Internals: White 16mm Melamine high moisture resistant interiors/shelving by Polytec (BORG)   Door/Drawer/Panel/Kicker: Inner breakfast bar fronts, fridge unit and overheads in 16mm Blossom White Matt by Polytec (BORG)    Door/Drawer/Panel/Kicker: All other joinery and open shelves in 17mm Tasmanian Blackwood with Vertical grain (except kickers) supplied by Veneer Panels   Feature: Floating shelf under cooktop overheads in 30mm Tasmanian Blackwood Solid from Wood ‘n’ Doors   Drawer Hardware: BLUM Legrabox soft close inner drawers w/ gallery rails in Silk White from FHS   Drawer Hardware: BLUM Legrabox tipon drawer in Silk white under oven from FHS Drawer Hardware: BLUM Legrabox soft close drawers in Silk White from FHS   Top: Breakfast Bar in 20mm Dekton Zenith with Pencil Edge fabricated by Ideal Stone   Top: Stainless Steel bench w/ 2 x sink , 1 x hotplate c/o fabricated by All Shapes Metal Hinges: BLUM Soft close from FHS   Handles: Custom Wave Handles in Tasmanian Blackwood from Neighbours Workshop Waste Management: Bin from Wilson & Bradley WBPB4564   Cutlery Inserts: ZC7S500BS3 SW 2 x 500mm wide inserts from FHS   Oven: Miele H5247 BP 600mm   Cooktop: 60cm Induction Miele KM 7464 FL    Rangehood: Undermount Rangehood Sirius SL926DL520 52cm   RH ducting: Wall ducting Sirius EasyWall 150   Sink: Integrated into stainless steel 770W fabricated by All Shapes   Microwave: LG Neochef MS25960B 470W x 272H x 362D LH Hinge Dishwasher: Semi Int Dishwasher Miele G5715 SCI XXL  Fridge: Freestanding Fisher & Paykel RF522BRPB6 790W x 1720H x 725D   Tapware: Faucet Strommen Pegasi M Brushed New Nickel Square 220mm   Splashback: Splashback Tiles Italia Ceramics Zellige Salvia 100 X 100   Flooring: Existing Polished Concrete   Lighting: LED Strip Warm White in Warm White from FHS

*Price guide includes: cabinetry, tops and splash backs. Exclusions: appliances, electrical, and plumbing

The Brief

...‘clean rustic with brushes of mid-century modern and a hint of industrial’ was the aesthetic in mind...

Fotios and Gina approached us about opening up their small, pokey, portioned-off kitchen. However, they still wanted the option for privacy. Taste testing delicious Greek biscuits is better done in peace, right?

Ramping that space-creating request up a notch, they were keen on more bench space and storage too. And, ideally, easy-to-maintain resilient surfaces.

As for the look and feel, ‘clean rustic with brushes of mid-century modern and a hint of industrial’ was the aesthetic in mind – a combination that would brighten up the space but keep it warm and inviting. And they needed a fusion that would give things a lift without being too ‘in your face’ as they were keen to pay homage to the era of the generational home, built by Gina’s parents.

Noting the existing polished concrete flooring (which meant the floor couldn’t be chased for power) we did what we always do and started to re-imagine the space, identify unused portions, and work out how we could celebrate the existing features.

The challenge of the small-yet-open-kitchen-space-replete-with-hideaway was on!

Our Design Resolution

...We championed the use of a Mid-Century hero – Tasmanian Blackwood – to accentuate the existing raked ceiling with lineal timber panelling...

Step one was to remove the old partition and push the kitchen out into some of the unused middle ground between the kitchen and living space. This increased the internal area of the kitchen while keeping it in a U-shape – enabling us to work towards the ‘open-but-still-private’ brief.

We extended the benchtop area to create a generous breakfast bar. And here we faced the power problem. Not being able to chase the flooring meant concealing the power through joinery. We met that challenge and created additional storage options via low cupboards adjacent to the bench, plus some open display shelving.

The request for brushes of mid-century modern made sense. The space had an existing raked ceiling with lineal timber panelling – a characteristic that sits high on our long list of reasons why we love Mid-Century era homes. We championed the use of another Mid-Century hero – Tasmanian Blackwood – to accentuate this unique feature and the height that it brought to the room.

For the internal kitchen area, we maximised storage with drawers, extra overhead cabinetry, a large pantry (which also provided privacy – more on that soon) and an appliance nook. Custom details such as one-of-a-kind Blackwood timber Wave style handles and feature shelving were used to make the new kitchen space something quite unique.

How did we brighten things without being too brash? A combination of timber, white and green tones created a balanced palette – a palette match made in Mid-Century heaven, no less. The tiled green splash back offers both texture and colour and the feedback from Fotios and Gina is that it’s added a level of calm to their space too.

Let’s talk more about storage for a minute. The pantry boasts a combination of clever storage options with internal drawers and adjustable shelving. It sits adjacent to an ever-useful appliance nook where the everyday small appliances can be tucked away. And between the pantry and the appliance nook, we achieved the all-important hideaway aspect. We even kept it at around the same height as the old partition. Nifty, huh?

One last request that we haven’t mentioned yet is the use of stainless steel. At both their workplaces, Fotios and Gina had been exposed to the beauty and wondrous resilience of stainless steel. They requested that this surface be incorporated somewhere into their design, along with an easy-to-clean integrated sink. It’s very low maintenance, gives that touch of industrial, and matches the toughness of the white Dekton Zenith breakfast bar. We absolutely love the inclusion.

Fotios and Gina are delighted with their newly expanded kitchen space and give full kudos to designer Sarah for understanding the brief from the get-go.

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