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Sensational study nooks.

by Ellen Wundersitz, October 2019

A study nook can be as simple as a small space dedicated to the organisation of life. Imagine a dedicated space to place school notices, bills, recipes, to-do lists, keys, pencils, and other oft-used paraphernalia.

Study nooks can be incorporated into other joinery, such as kitchens and robes, or can be stand alone, custom built pieces. But they need not be dull! And most importantly they must be a pleasing space that invites pause and allows focus on the task at hand.

A study nook need not occupy a huge amount of space. As a minimum, we’d recommend allowing no less than 900mm from left to right and no less than 600mm in depth. But beyond these basic measurements, the world is your oyster in terms of the decorative features or functionality that can be incorporated.

Check out Nahtanha & Rhys’ modern industrial kitchen and Alison’s clean lined contemporary kitchen to see how streamlined a study nook can be when designed in conjunction with other areas in your home.

If you want some help to create a space to help keep you organised, please get in contact. We’d love to help.



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