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Time is of the essence.

by Ellen Wundersitz, April 2019

Once a client has decided to proceed, one of the first questions we often get asked is ‘when will my new kitchen be installed’.

Thanks to shows like ‘The Block’, there is unfortunately a perception amongst the marketplace that kitchen renovations can be completed within a week.

For all the technological advances in our industry, the ability to pump out a kitchen in under 7 days is neither realistic, nor advisable.  Hand crafted quality takes time and is not something that should be rushed, because that’s invariably when mistakes happen!

The reality is that the timeline for construction and installation of your new joinery is going to be dependant on a multitude of factors, that are often out of our (and sometimes your) control, such as:

  • whether or not preparatory building work is required;
  • what materials need to be specially ordered in that might have long lead times, such as  timber, veneer, metalwork or profile doors;
  • what other jobs are booked in front of your job on the schedule; and
  • what finishing processes, such as stone or glass installation are required after the joinery install.

There are also occasions when supplier delays of an ordered product adversely effect our ability to stick to the planned timeline.  However we will always keep you abreast of any changes and do our best to avoid delaying the planned install date.

Very broadly speaking, kitchens will take between 4-8 weeks for construction and installation, then stone is a further 12 – 15 working days between measure and install.

For all our careful planning, the best laid plans can come un-stuck when the supply of required information is delayed or receipt of final approval is not forthcoming. So to keep things on track we ask that:

  • you provide any specifications with respect to chosen appliances and fixtures/fittings as soon as possible (but no later than the check measure date);
  • if you are coordinating your own trades, you ensure that first fix plumbing and electrical is complete (for new builds, framework must be complete) prior to the check measure date, so we can take accurate measurements. If there is a delay on your end, please communicate this so we can reschedule. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we assume you are coordinating your own trades. Arrangements contrary to this must be made well in advance.
  • you ensure your appliances (excepting the fridge, unless it is fully integrated) are delivered to our workshop for pre-fitting prior to the check measure date; and
  • you review the construction documentation supplied for your approval ASAP (because a delay in approval will ultimately result in delay to the overall schedule). If changes are requested to the design or layout, additional time will need be spent re-drawing construction drawings and this will likely also trigger a revision of the quote.

If all the above is making your head spin, then fear not, because all of these factors will be taken into account when we prepare a preliminary timeline, specifically for your project, which will ultimately give you a clear picture of how your renovation project will play out.

Ultimately though, the more info you can provide upfront, the better placed we will be to prepare a timeline which is realistic and achievable. Some of the things we will need to know upfront are:

  • do you want us to remove your old kitchen/joinery, or will you/your builder remove it?
  • will you coordinate your own trades or would you like us to coordinate trades on your behalf?
  • how soon can you have your appliances (excepting your fridge, unless its integrated) delivered to our workshop?

For renovation projects requiring structural building work (eg installing/removing a window or knocking out an internal wall), the timeline is going to hinge off the completion date of this work. In most cases, we wont be able to undertake a final check measure of the space until structural work is complete, so having a clear idea about the proposed timing of preparatory work is vital.

If you choose us to coordinate your trades, remember that it will still be up to you to negotiate dates with the respective tradesperson. We will advise tentatively planned dates for removal/first fix and post install/second fix, but it will be up to you to confirm actual timing (that works for you) with the tradesperson directly.

And finally, given the many contributing factors involved, we would like to highlight that the timeline prepared for your project is indicative only and is intended as a guide as to the process, but may evolve over time depending on external factors as outlined above!

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