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Victoria’s Journey: A Woman Thriving in a Man’s World

by Ellen Wundersitz, October 2023

Victoria, or Vic as we fondly call her, is a shining example of how sisters are truly “doin’ it for themselves.” Her story at SpaceCraft is a testament to breaking gender norms and excelling in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Vic’s journey began as an apprentice cabinet maker, with a keen interest in CAD and drafting. She rolled up her sleeves and hit the workshop floor, learning the nuts and bolts of the trade – from cabinet construction to CNC machines, basic machinery, and even the not-so-glamorous cleaning and maintenance tasks for tools and machines.

About a year into her apprenticeship, an opportunity to step into the drafting world arose, and Vic seized it. It wasn’t an easy decision for her to make the switch to full-time office work, but she embraced the role wholeheartedly. Drafting, programming, and handling orders became her forte, and she quickly became a vital addition to the design and drafting team.

After two and half years in the office, and now approaching the end of her apprenticeship with her Cert III in Cabinet Making firmly under her belt, Vic is in the process of transitioning back to the workshop. She is determined to refine her craftsmanship and gain a comprehensive understanding of the trade. Her goal? To become a versatile asset who seamlessly combines drafting expertise with hands-on cabinet-making skills.

Vic’s unique skill set, combining exceptional computer literacy with hands-on experience, has made her an invaluable asset to our business. The design team might have been sad to lose her to the workshop floor, but the workshop team was overjoyed to welcome her back into the fold.

Vic isn’t just thriving personally; she’s also setting an example for women in the industry. Her journey from apprentice cabinet maker to an office pro and back to the workshop floor shows that there are more opportunities in this industry than stereotypical gender roles suggest. She’s been a pioneer in a field that is slowly but surely opening its doors to women.

While Vic has big plans for her future and aims to leave SpaceCraft in March, to travel the world, we secretly hope to lure her back to the team someday. Her ultimate goal is to inspire others by showcasing the myriad possibilities within the construction industry. And let’s not forget – the fact that she’s a woman killing it in a “man’s world” makes her journey all the more impressive.

Victoria proves that in a world where sisters are truly doin’ it for themselves, there’s no limit to what you can achieve, regardless of gender.

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