Kitchen Renovations Adelaide | Why Choose SpaceCraft Joinery


Kitchen Renovations Adelaide | Why Choose SpaceCraft Joinery

We care about family.

Space Craft Joinery is owned and operated by Nathan and Ellen Wundersitz, employing people supporting families local to us in Strathalbyn. Our business, therefore, is unashamedly built on family values.

That’s why everything we do is built around you, your family, your needs, your lifestyle, your taste, your timing and, of course, your budget.

We understand how excited you’ll be about undertaking a new project on your home. How confusing it can be with all the decisions you’ll have to make along the way. How scary it can be to commit money you may have borrowed to a series of drawings. How nervous you might be when the first wall is knocked out. And how annoying it is to be without a kitchen to cook in.

We always enter your home – and your life – with respect.

We care about design.

It all starts – and sometimes ends – with the design. As the host of Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud, says, “Any man-made thing should be well made and durable; it should be ergonomic and fit for purpose; it should have brought no harm to anybody or anything; and it should evoke delight and lasting pleasure in use”.

That design might start with your interior designer, architect or builder, all of whom we’re happy to collaborate with. Or it might simply start with you and Nathan over a cuppa in your current kitchen. If it’s the latter, he’ll produce a comprehensive design and demonstrate his abilities as a ‘kitchen whisperer’: conjuring the kitchen you never knew you always wanted. What’s more, he’ll keep working with you until you’ve reached that conclusion. You can read more about Nathan’s abilities here.

We care about choice.

For some, choice is exciting. For others, it can be overwhelming. But even if you do find 50 shades of grey giving you a headache rather than a thrill, Nathan can lead you through the whole process and help you find something uniquely ‘you’. For inspiration, come and see our showroom at 4 King Street, Strathalbyn. In this Aladdin’s Cave, you can view a world-class range of colours, finishes, benchtops, doors, glass splashbacks and hardware products, including the very latest trends and timeless classics.

Benchtop construction materials include: stone, polished timber, Corian, composite stone, post-formed laminate. Door construction materials include: melamine, two-pack, timber veneer, solid timber, Contour Finedge, aluminium frames with glass inserts.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: we can source almost any specialty product or appliance, as required. On top of that, we can act as your one-stop project manager to find the best specialist tradies and integrate them into our schedule, which can certainly remove a lot of the hassle and stress for a working family.

We care about the environment.

It might be politically correct to say you care about the environment these days. In our business, it’s a lot harder to live up to, however: there’s a lot of waste in renovation. But we do care about the world we will leave our kids. And yours. So, here’s what we’re doing about it.

It starts, as every renovation does, with the demolition. The sad truth is that most kitchen cabinets we rip out are made from MDF, which is constructed using products that contain formaldehyde. Not only is that not good for your health or the planet’s, it means it can’t be recycled. If you can remove them without damaging them too much, however, they can live on. We actively encourage and support our clients to find a new use for their old kitchens rather than just dump them.

Here are several ideas, some of which may even give you a little extra cash in your budget:
•    Try selling them to a salvage yard;
•    List them on Gumtree or eBay;
•    Find a dedicated online second-hand kitchen dealer;
•    If you don’t have the time to sell them, just give them away on Freecycle;
•    You could contact a local charity, church, community group or your local school to see if they need used cabinets; or
•    Re-use them yourself in another area of the home (e.g. the garage).

Over the years, as we’ve searched for ways around this problem, we have discovered some useful resources on the Internet, which we’d be happy to share with you. Just ask.

If money is tight and you’re handy, you can certainly save some by removing your old kitchen cabinets yourselves. Otherwise, naturally, we can remove and dispose of them for you. We can take your old appliances too, which we can promise will be recycled.

As for your new cabinets, where possible, we use material rated E0 or E1, which emits the lowest levels of formaldehyde on the market. For those with health issues, it’s definitely the way to go.

Finally, we are also taking steps to lower our carbon footprint in the office and workshop. For example, by installing solar panels on the roof of our workshop, the sun now provides 100% of our energy needs, eliminating our carbon emissions and reliance on the grid.

We care long after others don’t.

You can be confident that Space Craft Joinery is a registered member of the Housing Industry Association and the Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute of Australia. We back our craft with a 10-year guarantee against faulty workmanship on all our installed cabinetry. Individual components and hardware are guaranteed by the supplier, some for up to 10 years. But if you do experience a problem, let us know and we undertake to work with you and the suppliers until the problem is resolved. Simple as that.

The ultimate reassurance, however, is more likely to be what our previous clients say about us.

We care about our community.

We love Strath. It’s a great place to live, bring up a family and run a business. It’s even good for our clients because a workshop up here costs less than one in the suburbs of Adelaide, allowing us to be more cost competitive.

It’s also a great, tight-knit community with a proud heritage and a great spirit. As good neighbours, we always like to use qualified local tradies first, whether they’re plumbers, electricians or tilers. We offer local youngsters work experience placements and school-based apprenticeships. And we support other local businesses by shopping locally, whenever possible.

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