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Maggie Theo

Making the most of a room with two views.

Price guide*: $65K - $75K


Carcase/Internals: Melamine high moisture resistant interiors/shelving Polytec (BORG) White 16mm   Door/Drawer/Panel/Kicker: Veneer base door fronts with solid timber handle detail in American Oak from Veneer Panels   Feature: Ribbed solid timber bulkhead with veneer back in American Oak 21mm from Wood ‘n’ Doors   Feature: Solid timber surround to window in American Oak 21mm Wood ‘n’ Doors   Drawer Hardware: Legrabox soft close drawers – to pantry BLUM Steel Sided-white from FHS    Drawer Hardware: Legrabox soft close drawers BLUM Steel Sided-white from FHS   Top: Stone tops with professional sealing STS Patagonia Granite 20mm Ideal Stone Hardware/Wireware: Wingline bifold door Hettich White from FHS  Hardware/Wireware: Movento lockable slide out shelf BLUM W410 D372 H453 from FHS Handles: Custom timber handles – tall section American Oak 40mm x 40mm from Wood ‘n’ Doors   Waste Management: Pullout bin Wesco WPBL6064AZ 64L (2x32L) from Wilson & Bradley   Handles: Custom timber handles in American Oak by Wood ‘n’ Doors Cutlery Inserts: 1 x Cutlery insert, 1 x Knife block BLUM from FHS   Oven: 60cm Pyroluxe built-in oven AEG BPK94733PT 600mm x 600mm   Cooktop: Pure induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor BORA PURA – 104   Dishwasher: Fully integrated dishwasher AEG FSE92000PO   Paint: Wall and ceiling colour Dulux White Dune Quarter   Fridge: Fully integrated fridge – RHS door Fisher & Paykel RS9120WLJ1 H2130 W890 D606  Sink: KBG120 Double Bowl ONYX Kit Franke 125.0361.762 undermount application   Tapware: AstraWalker A69.07.46 Hob Set   Splashback: 160mm high stone splashback STS Patagonia 20mm Ideal Stone 2x white powerpoints   Flooring: Timber flooring – American Oak 21mm allowance  Lighting: LAAL single arch-short with small cones White 930mm from ceiling Power Sockets: ZETR series13 White and Black 46mmh 132mmw x 33mmd Flushmount application

*Price guide includes: cabinetry and tops. Exclusions: appliances, tiling, electrical and plumbing.

The Brief

...the task was to create a sleek but warm entertaining space devoid of overheads and full of functionality...

Maggie and Theo called on us for a major renovation to their two-storey shack at Aldinga Beach. Perched on the upper level, the kitchen has not one but two amazing views (ocean to the west and foothills to the east) and the task was to create a sleek but warm entertaining space devoid of overheads and full of functionality.

Let’s just underline major in that opening sentence. The existing fit-out was a full blown 70s confusion of patterned tiles, busy wallpaper, textured flooring, and the mandatory orange and brown Laminex finishes. It was the kind of kitchen that seemed to trap the server inside thanks to an elevated set of shelving opposite the kitchen sink. Yep, also orange and brown.

There were lots of things that needed to change. The wish list we were presented with included a kitchen island that would stand out as a furniture piece, integrated appliances, hard-wearing textural benchtop surfaces, and a hidden appliance nook because, let’s face it, it’s no longer the 70s and no-one loves claustrophobia or clutter.

Maggie and Theo wanted to farewell the chaos and welcome light toned timber and minimal clean lines. No cold hard metal handles, thanks. They liked the idea of soft-close drawers and doors to complement smooth and inviting surfaces.  If we could link the window frames with the joinery, better still, as the whole space would feel cohesive and connected to the beautiful views outside. Island seating was a must. And so it should be, those views are for sharing.

As with any good project, there were a few hurdles to consider. Finishing off the joinery without a return wall, for example, and accommodating the stair landing. Extracting kitchen fumes without overhead cabinets. And managing the return air of the main air-conditioner.

But our Design Director Nathan is never one to shy away from a challenge. He would set out to create a space as high functioning as a Swiss Army Knife and as inviting as the ocean on a sunny Aldinga day.

Our Design Resolution might just find everyone in the kitchen at Maggie and Theo’s parties!...

Nathan suggested American oak veneer with warm beachy vibes and soft hues to blend seamlessly with the flooring. He nominated a horizontal grain to accentuate the room’s length and created frame detail to add symmetry and align the entire space. The ban on metal handles was easy to overcome. His long custom wooden handle pulls are both elegant and sleek.

By positioning sink and cooktop on the back wall, Nathan freed up the island for food prep and play and its nice soft curves make it an inviting focal point. You might just find everyone in the kitchen at Maggie and Theo’s parties! The Patagonia granite bench tops offer both practical perfection and a textural treat. Be it everyday living or entertaining, these two are covered.

To keep the space minimal, Nathan integrated the fridge and dishwasher into the cabinetry and placed the oven discreetly on the island. He addressed the clutter-free criteria by installing a wingline bifold door system that ensures appliances are easy to reach but easy to hide too.

As for those challenges, Nathan added a nib wall and sliding door to create separation from the stairs, ensuring the kitchen remains a distinct yet open space. He reduced the depth of the pantry cabinet and designed a slatted bulkhead to ensure good airflow and easy filter changes of the air conditioner. And by choosing a downdraft cooktop (an innovative kitchen appliance that integrates the ventilation system directly into the cooking surface just in case you’re unfamiliar) the air can be kept clear without needing overhead extraction. No-overhead aesthetic request: tick!

The large east and west facing windows and doors meant additional lighting wasn’t required. So, Nathan added some personality instead – a gorgeous white dual pendant light along the back wall which gives an asymmetrical appearance offsetting from the floor to ceiling joinery.

In a nod to sustainability, he made sure the timber was FSC-certified and selected hardware had a lifetime warranty. Maggie and Theo are now the proud owners of a beach shack with quality views both inside and out!

Curious about the client’s opinion on the process and the finished product? Maggie has the final word:
“We absolutely loved working with Spacecraft. They were enthusiastic about our vision, creative and fun, extremely thorough about every detail and professional in every way. Nathan is not just a talented designer and joiner, but he is a great communicator and has a way of making you feel confident in all the decisions that need to be made in creating a new kitchen. And about our kitchen, we are thrilled with it. It is warm and inviting and functional, and makes us happy every day.”

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