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Why bother with an initial scoping meeting?

by Ellen Wundersitz, February 2024

Are you diving into the exciting world of home renovations, dreaming of turning your kitchen or living space into something truly remarkable? Whether your envision a sleek, modern kitchen with stone benchtops or contemplating a complete redesign of your home’s layout, the journey ahead can be both thrilling and overwhelming.

We get it. We know that making informed decisions about your home design project is crucial. That’s why we extend an invitation for a complimentary, in-studio scoping meeting to all prospective clients.

Once you’ve finished filling out our online questionnaire, we’ll reach out to you to inquire whether you’re interested in accepting our offer for a complimentary half-hour meet and greet. This informal session provides an opportunity for us to get acquainted, discuss any questions or concerns you may have, and explore how we can best assist you.

But why should you invest the time to book a ‘meet & greet’ with us? Here are a few of our own personal opinions, on why we recommend taking this step:

Exploring Options: Perhaps you’re new to the world of renovations and unsure of which design studio or designer to partner with. This scoping meeting is your chance to explore different avenues, get a sense of what makes us unique, and see how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Budget Alignment: We believe that being upfront and honest is essential when it comes to budget. During this scoping meeting, we’ll dive into your budget to ensure it aligns with your design aspirations and material preferences. Whether you’re eyeing those luxurious stone countertops or have other premium features in mind, we’ll help you navigate your budget on how this could work with your vision.

Experience our Showroom: Step into our showroom, where inspiration meets reality. Explore a plethora of materials, hardware options, appliances, and clever design features that could breathe life into your project. It’s your chance to visualise the possibilities and get a feel for what you would prefer for your project.

Meet the Team: We believe building a strong rapport with your design team is key to a successful collaboration. Meet us face-to-face during the scoping meeting and gauge whether we’re the right fit for your project. Trust and compatibility are paramount, and we want you to feel confident in choosing us to bring your vision to life.

Project Timing: Understanding the timeline of your project is crucial for planning and coordination. We’ll walk you through the expected timeline for your renovation, highlighting any potential delays or hold-ups along the way. Knowing what to expect will help you to make informed decisions and navigate the construction process seamlessly.

Next Steps: By the end of the scoping meeting, you’ll have a clearer picture of our services and whether you’d like to proceed with booking a design consultation. Whether your project involves a renovation or a new build, we’ll outline the next steps tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Just remember, that whilst the scoping meeting is complimentary, our design services involve a fee structure that reflects the time and expertise invested in your project. We’re committed to providing value and transparency every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the concept design phase.

We understand that the journey may be a little lengthy for some. Take a look at our Discover Strathalbyn map for some ideas to help you plan your outing and make the most of your visit. Or if you want to really make a day of it, check out our Adelaide to Strathalbyn map for all the fabulous venues to visit on your way up the hill!

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