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The little kitchen company that could steps up to win again at the HIA awards.

by Ellen Wundersitz, October 2017

Four times in the last five years SpaceCraft Joinery has taken out the same category at the South Australian HIA Awards: the Renovated Kitchen up to $30,000. But not this year. No: the little kitchen company that could has taken a step up to win with a renovated kitchen in the $30,001 to $45,000 bracket.

It’s a stunning achievement for the small, family-owned company based in Strathalbyn and was roundly celebrated at the ceremony on Saturday 7 October, coming so close after the company’s achievements at the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute Awards just two weeks ago.

On that night, SpaceCraft’s co-owner Nathan Wundersitz was not only named SA’s best Designer (Large Kitchens) for a different kitchen but also retained his mantle of Kitchen Designer of the Year for SA, which he’s now won two years on the trot.

The HIA-winning entry was a kitchen built for clients Alison and Verinder in Toorak Gardens, which was just as impressive for how the clever design overcame the problems of the space (an immovable beam and the need to use the same footprint for cabinetry) as the elegant style and the fastidious craftsmanship.

Nathan said, “Both of this year’s award wins are in a higher-priced category, reflecting the kind of budgets we’re now being given by some clients. But just because there’s more money, it doesn’t mean we’re any less keen to deliver maximum effort for the outlay. That’s why we still limit the number of kitchens we build every year.”

Sharing a table with SpaceCraft on the big night was Aaron Martin Construction, another family-owned business from Strathalbyn, which won two major categories: Business Partner of the Year & Professional Small Builder of the Year. As the two companies often collaborate, they were very pleased to share a table and their successes.

Of course, these successive successes do add more pressure, which Nathan & Ellen Wundersitz feel. As Ellen said: “You come to these nights hoping – but never expecting – to win. Luckily, we’ve had great clients and great opportunities, which Nathan and our close-knit team have turned into great outcomes. And, at the end of the day, that’s the result we’re really after. The awards are a lovely bonus.”

SpaceCraft would like to thank and acknowledge its HIA-award-winning clients, Alison & Verinder, and Alison Russell who owns the KDBi award-winner, as well as Steve & Sally, Gail & Rob, and Sandra & Damian, who graciously allowed their kitchens to be entered for judgment. Nathan & Ellen would also like to salute the members of their caring and talented team at SpaceCraft, past and present, without whom none of this would be possible.

Is there a downside to success? SpaceCraft’s biggest problem these days is being able to help every client they’d like to and next year’s schedule is filling fast. Ellen’s advice is, “As spring is traditionally associated with growth and new beginnings, it’s a great time to start thinking about your big-picture goals. So, if renovating is on the cards in 2018, we’d love to speak to you about your renovation plans.”

To see more images and info of SpaceCraft’s HIA-award-winning kitchen, click here.

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